Aquatic Park Series PP

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This new series of pumps developed by PSH POOLS is intended to meet the specific needs of the water parks working with salt water.

Aquatic Park series PP are suitable for all those applications that require pumping fluids between 20 and 25 meters, avoiding any oxidation or corrosion problem in the pump.

All parts in contact with water are made from corrosion resistant materials. The shaft isn’t in contact with the working medium.

The impeller has a semi-open design. All its parts in contact with water are made from polypropylene injection, and it has a metallic core that gives it the necessary rigidity. The impeller has helycoidal vanes with large contoured flow passages giving it a high flow rate.

PP series can be supplied with GREAT GIANT PREFILTER.

•High efficiency motor class IE3 according to EU 640/2009. IE4 upon request.
•Pump body and impeller made in polypropylene.
•Standard motor shaft output, which makes it compatible with any manufacturer’s engine.
•Waterproof: IP55.
•High quality mechanical seal.
•Flow rate: up to 160 m3/h.
•Manometric head: 25 mwh maximum..
•Power rate: from 12,5 HP to 20 HP.
•Voltage: 230/400 o 400/700V.
•Motor: 1.450 RPM.
•Available at 50Hz and 60 Hz.


Pump body and back cover: Polypropylene.

Metallic frame: Cast iron treated by cataphoresis.

Impeller: Polypropylene.

Shaft: Stainless steel AISI316L.

Mechanical seal: Stainless steel AISI 316 – Resin carbon.

Seals: Nitrile rubber.

Screws: Stainless steel AISI316.


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