Aquatic Park XA Plus Series

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Waterparks have become one of the most demanded equipments by consumers.

Up to today BOMBAS PSH has focused itself on the manufacturing of pool pumps and preferably pumps for public pools, where the requirement is to transport the biggest volume of water as possible without the need of any elevation. Waterparks present a different challenge. Water volume is required but at a manometric height between 20 and 35 meters to service the attractions specially the water slides.

PSH-Pools has developed a range of pumps which fulfils these specific requirements in a specialized manner.

A vertical centrifugal pump, axial suction and vertical discharge. de dimensionally designed according to norm DIN 24255

Specially designed for large flow requirements al medium heights.
Specially for water slides of a waterpark.

Pump body and support in cast iron GG-25, protected with a special long term antioxidant treatment.
Cast iron GG-25, protected with a special long term antioxidant treatment.
Mechanical seal in stainless steel, carbon/ceramic
Shaft: Stainless steel AISI316L
Nuts and bolts: Stainless steel AISI316

Hi performance motor class IE3, or IE4 on request.
Protection IP55


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